Instalinux/LinuxCOE Consulting

I am always happy to answer questions and help with problems as much as I can, and to do it for free.

If, however, you find that you need extensive help setting up your own LinuxCOE instance or have some other Linux project that you need help with, I am available for short and medium term consulting projects.

I have many years of Linux experience, working everywhere from Enterprise environments to small start-ups. I've worked on consulting projects for clients all over the world and have worked hard to be sure they're all happy with the results.

Some of the things I can help out with:

  • Custom Install CD's and/or no-network required DVD's
  • Creation of Kickstart or Preseed files specific to your project
  • Site optimization, and design for scalability
  • Installation and configuration of Cacti and Nagios
  • Writing custom shell, Perl or PHP scripts to do just about anything

My rates are reasonable, flexible and fair. And by working with me on consulting projects, you are supporting this site, which has been - and will always be - free.

I can be reached by e-mail at chris@instalinux.com